An Apology from Dyslexia Victoria Online

This is not a blog or newsletter or weekly report, it is an apology. We have been so busy doing seminars, workshops, presenting at school Pro-D days and meeting other “Service Providers” that we just have not attended to our website responsibilities. I mentioned earlier that we had begun to partner with Vancouver Island Dyslexia Association and were working to raise awareness of Dyslexia. Well, we are sure getting the word out.

The combination of dyslexia awareness presentations by both VIDA and Dyslexia Victoria Online has proven so popular that we are in demand all the time now. We have also done presentations for private and government service providers. As of right now we are booked up to the end of June.

The wake up call, for me, that we had lost track of our website responsibilities occurred when we were doing a seminar for a group of local Government and private service providers. One of the attendees noticed the name of our website on the brochure we had handed out. This person asked if we were involved in the weekly chats and blogs, “Rants and Raves From the Right Side” and she wondered why the articles had stopped. That kind of made this even more real for me. Our messages are getting out around the world and I found a person in my home town who is reading our information. We will try to be more responsible.

So again, this is not really a blog or anything else other than an apology and we will try harder to get back on track and inform you about what we have learned about the world of Dyslexia.

This video shows some of the news coverage we are starting to get. Woo hoo!

Happy Trails!
Howie deGraaf

Howard deGraaf of Dyslexia Victoria Online

5 thoughts on “An Apology from Dyslexia Victoria Online

  1. Пора переименовать блог, присвоив название связанное с доменами 🙂 может хватит про них?

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