Summertime is a Great Time for Dyslexics to Catch up for School

Summer is coming up quickly. For a lot of people this is a great time for getting away from it all and probably the last thing a parent or child wants to think about is extra “school work” during this break.

All students should continue to read and practice their skills learned in school to be prepared for the upcoming school year.  Children can lose ground over the summer when not practicing and have to catch back up when starting school again.  This is particularly true for Dyslexics. We often have parents worry about how far their Dyslexic child falls behind over the summer. Sometimes it can be  extreme and drop as much as one or two grade levels.

The summer can  be a great opportunity to practice reading, spelling, printing and many other subjects due to the parent and child having more free time to devote to it or getting appropriate tutoring.   We also suggest the best time to get an assessment for Dyslexia is at the end of the school year or early summer because then the parent has a chance to use an appropriate teaching approach to prepare the child for school in the fall. This can make a world of difference for the struggling Dyslexic student and can help them achieve success in the following school year.

We have put together a summer program for Dyslexics with some of our teaching manuals for parents, tutors and teachers. We provide information on what Dyslexia is and how to understand and teach a Dyslexic. Included is our “Fourteen Steps to Teach Dyslexics how to Spell and Read”, “Mind-mapping for Dyslexics” and approaches to learning arithmetic/math concepts. Can be a great start for school!

Click on the link below and it will take you to a page on our website where you can view the program.

Dyslexia Victoria Online Summer Dyslexia Teaching Program

Happy trails;
Howie deGraaf

Howie deGraaf - Dyslexia Victoria Online

3 thoughts on “Summertime is a Great Time for Dyslexics to Catch up for School

  1. Great post. I especially found it useful where you stated that children with dyslexia pratice there reading and writing even on summer, this can help them improve there skills, aside from that, this could be an oppurtunity for a child and parents to bond also… thanks, Barbara.

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