Dyslexia Victoria Online Update

Finally starting to get recognized.

One of the most difficult things about what Karey and I do is getting recognized as a valuable resource. I know many of you who read our blogs find our methods and opinions to be helpful. Karey and I also know that the many, many individuals we have helped in the last few years also know that our service has been extremely helpful as well. We get emails and phone calls from parents of children we have assessed and made teaching programs for all the time. Every single one of them has told us how grateful they are that their child is now on a learning path that is right for them. These kids are happier with themselves as their school work gets easier to understand.

Teachers at the Pro D day events tell us that our methods are easy to understand and also simple to implement in their classrooms.

What has been difficult though is getting recognized by officials, school officials, literacy group officials, learning disability associations officials, government service providers and lots of others too. If only we could get the parents and teachers and students together to tell their stories to the public. We are sure that more educators, care givers, parents and Dyslexic adults would get a chance to learn that there are new, different methods available to help with Dyslexic learning issues. Well, it looks like that might be happening a little bit right now.

I have been contacting  local newspapers, reporters and TV stations in the general area around where Karey and I live. Last week I actually got a call back. In the city of Victoria, BC  Canada there is a TV news station called CHEK NEWS. Within their  broadcast they have a segment called ISLAND 30. It’s a 30 minute news show dedicated to news events and community events on Vancouver Island, BC. The reporter asked me if we would be interested in being interviewed with one of the parents and child who we helped late last year.

The interview was last Tuesday and was aired on February 4 at 7 pm and again at 10:30pm. You can see the interview on the TV station archives their ISLAND 30 shows for 2 weeks on their website. Go to” CHEK NEWS Victoria British Columbia” Then click on the ISLAND 30 link on the left side of the page. A series of big blue buttons will appear on the bottom of the page, click on the Feb 4 button. The very beginning of the segment shows that interview. It’s short but fun.

For anyone who has read our blogs or emailed us or phoned us or knows anything about us at all you know that our goal is not to drum up business for the sake of getting rich. Our goal is and always will be to educate the public about Dyslexia, teaching strategies and accommodations that work . Dyslexia has a lot of positive attributes, there are lots of ways to teach Dyslexic individuals to read and write and spell, etc.

Maybe this TV coverage will start to get the word out. I sure hope so because we know how easy it is to help individuals with Dyslexic learning issues, we just need to let everybody know as well.

Happy trails
Howie deGraaf
Editor and Co-founder of Dyslexia Victoria Online

One thought on “Dyslexia Victoria Online Update

  1. You are both doing the right thing. You are actually teaching and spreading the word. It will catch on soon and hopefully your methods can be used in the classroom sooner than you think.

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