“Readability” is a Great way to Archive Information and Articles


We spend a lot of time researching and constantly trying to archive the information. We have found a great website – “Readability.com” for archiving. You can take most information posted on the internet, turn it into an easy to read and print format and then save the articles to “Readability”. They also give a snippet of what you have saved so you can more easily recognize the material.

One of the reasons I love this website is this keeps my information off my computer so I don’t have to worry about my computer crashing and losing the information. Also they make saving an article really easy. The buttons for saving information is located on the left side of your address bar and all you do is click them to save the article or read in a more readable format now rather than having ads, other links and clutter that makes reading more difficult on the computer screen. ImageCheck it out! Readability.com  It’s also free!

Karey Hope
Dyslexia Victoria Online

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