Dyslexic Communication in “Pearls before Swine” Cartoon

“Pearls before Swine” is one of my favourite cartoons. I saw this one and I was really tickled about what a truly Dyslexic moment this is for communication. I have had many conversations with my husband like this. As a Dyslexic I am talking about my mental “big picture” that I am thinking at any given moment. The words I verbalize can get confused because I am picking things in the middle, side, or maybe the many extra images that get added to the first one. That can bring me to a completely different topic while I am in the middle of talking about the first one. Hard to talk about two things at once or maybe three!

So my husband will ask me will I be ready to leave by a certain time and I will respond with I have to dress, make a phone call, clean the bathroom…  you know – the big picture and he will interrupt and say “I don’t care how you will get ready but will you?”

This can be a common problem for women in general when talking to  left brain dominant men as we process  information from the right brain more easily than men do. A wonderful book to read about this difference between men and women is: The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image (Compass) by Leonard Shlain.

You can watch a group of women talk this way and they all understand and follow each other without additional explanation. However, if a woman is also Dyslexic this can really compound right brain communication issues. For a boy or man who is Dyslexic which means his right hemisphere is more dominant and his brain is wired a little differently, it must be painful talking to his friends who are lefties. I have often noticed Dyslexic boys will be able to talk to women more easily and relate to male or female teachers who are more right brain oriented in their teaching style. I would suggest you read my “How Teachers can Accommodate the Dyslexic Student” for ideas on how to teach Dyslexics their way.

Have a great day! – it’s the only one you have at this moment.

Karey Hope deGraaf
Email: khope@dyslexiavictoria.ca
Co-founder of Dyslexia Victoria Online

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