5 thoughts on “Tell your Dyslexic Student “There are no mistakes, only practice.”

  1. I have two sons who are dyslexia. both of whom have gone to university. While one has accepted the problems which come with this the other one is having great difficulties first with bullying at school then uni. Now he employed but finds noone understands him my heart goes out to him especially as he got a law degree and works so hard to be accepted. His workplace is so hostile especially the female staff who laugh at him because he is so prcise about everything. please help

    • Hello Eithne;
      What causes hostility towards your son in his workplace? What is your son doing that is precise and causes the female staff to laugh at him? Are you located in the UK? A couple of suggestions. If you are in the UK look up the British Dyslexia Association on the internet.
      They have a lot of information for adult Dyslexics in the workplace and how to manage issues with other employees. You should contact them for assistance helping your son being treated appropriately in the workplace.

      Thank you for your comment – Karey

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