Dyslexics Need to Read the End of a Story First to Understand & Remember

Rants & Raves by Dyslexia Victoria Online

If you,  your child, friend, family member or a student you are working with is Dyslexic you might have noticed that books or stories with chapters can be confusing or hard to comprehend and remember.   Dyslexics think in the “big picture” or the whole story. In order to understand the chapters many Dyslexics need to know the beginning and end of the story before they read the middle of the book.

When we assess adults we ask them how they read a book.  One gentleman said “You are going to think it’s silly. I do it wrong.” We encouraged him to tell us and wouldn’t think it was silly or wrong.  He said, “I read the beginning, then go to the end which ruins any surprises in the story and then the middle.  If I don’t do that, nothing makes sense and I tend to lose interest. Also if I…

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5 thoughts on “Dyslexics Need to Read the End of a Story First to Understand & Remember

  1. This method of ‘jump reading’ also enables, not just a gathering together of the big picture as discribed above, but supplies a layering of confidence that the full text is – manageable to read, remember, comprehend, to then be questioned/examined on.

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